When you are visiting the sites of Germany don't forget to take a look at small towns like Aschersleben. Being situated in the Harz region neighbour of famous Quedlinburg Aschersleben has its own specialty, an original medevian wall round the city combined with a promenade inviting to a quiet stroll from tower to tower.


In the year 753 the town of Ascegereslebe was already citated thus proving to be the oldest town in the midst of Germany. Being dominated by the Ascanians the most famous of them, Albrecht the Bear, started his cruisade against the Wenden in 1147 thus founding a new country: Brandenburg. After destroyal by Heinrich the Lion (from Brunswick) and the end of the Ascanian line the town civilians built their own walls and towers (1322). In the 15th century the huge wall (height of 8 m) with a length of 2.300 m was completed together with 51 towers an so-called bowls, bastions against enemies.Fifteen of them remained up to now.
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The old city hall and St. Stephen are two other buildings of the past  

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