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WEBSTROEBECK.TIF (2131102 Byte) This website of the village of chess was created by Simone Stephan, Wernigerode during her work at Multi Media Centre

Simone Stephan, Ilona Treue, Astrid Busse, Michael Wagner and Heidi Gode-Luerssen also created a marketing concept to ameliorate the image of this small beautiful village

The stage of action at Stroebeck is chequed consisting 64 fields of black and white in the middle of the local market place. An unknown visitor will be seduced by a village deriving its importance from the passion of playing chess like Poolians being mad on football BRETT_OHNE_FARBIG.jpg (38582 Byte)


"Since the eleventh century the little village of Stroebeck has been devoted to the game of chess. The vogue arose during the imprisonment of a prince in a tower which is still shown at Stroebeck. To beguile his captivity the prisoner made a chess-board, and taught his jailors the game which soon became popular and remains so to this day. Old and young are devoted to the pastime, and even at school the recreation is chess, and the children carry their board with them as well as their satchels of books. If you enter  a Stroebeck inn it is local etiquette for the landlord to invite you immediately to play."
(From an English Magazine, Aug12, 1905)

Lebendfi.jpg (5957 Byte)
King and Queen from annual Living Chess Parade (Sept)

All figures and chessbooards were created virtually on computer

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