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Funny TOOLBOOK creation on herbs in my garden
Strawberry field with delicious fruit hiding snails crawling along and leaving their eggs thus producing lots of sweet little snails . . . interesting herbs growing in my strawberry field . . . a quiz on vegetables . . .

ERDBEEREN.JPG (301021 Byte) My favourite topic of gardening was inspiration of this TOOLBOOK work - deriving from four years of practice and teachment by my landlord Willi Weidner KAMILLE_RINGELBLUME_Kopie.JPG (6566 Byte)

Film work about chess - Chess Figures created virtually on PC and  a German village devoted to the game of chess : Stroebeck
An interesting notation in an English journal , dated 1905
(seen in the museum of Stroebeck,County Halberstadt)
"A village mad on chess- The partiality of Stroebeck for the most intellectual of games ..."

Topic of my latest job:
Guided tours through the city of Aschersleben -  oldest  medevian town in the middle of Germany

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